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June 22, 2014Agriculture Standard

Gabriel Donato de Andrade (Arcos, 1926) is a civil designer, starting partner of the Andrade Gutierrez Group, along with Flavio Gutierrez and Roberto Andrade. Currently, Gabriel Andrade, is devoted to agricultural investments, has two business in the sector: the Colonial Agricultural and Ranch Calciolândia Ltda, among the significant suppliers of Girleiteiro the nation. Gabriel is inspirational Sertãobras, NGO activity devoted to the legalisation of raw milk cheese in the country.

All-natural Arcos, Minas Gerais, Gabriel Donato de Andrade was born in 1926 at São Miguel today Calciolândia. He married Vera Furtado de Andrade in 1949 and had seven children.

At age 22 he graduated from the program in civil engineering from the College of Design of the Federal College of Minas Gerais. This year a pupil in the September 2, 1948, founded the construction company Andrade Gutierrez, today the business Andrade Gutierrez SA, which celebrated 60 years of activity in 2008, is today a Brazilian private equity team, operating in sectors such as massive building, public and telecoms giving ins.

Ahead of Andrade Gutierrez, Gabriel Andrade collected encounter in the heavy building sector, and various other fields of the economy. Closely followed the building of works in Brazil and other countries, ports, airport terminals, dams, metros, roadway jobs, trains, dams, irrigation, commercial supplies and cleanliness. Starting partner, additionally in the 40s, in Arcos, the milk powder manufacturing plant, Industria San Miguel Food Ltda.

Gabriel Andrade originates from a family with a lengthy tradition in variety of steeds and dairy products livestocks and has teamed up extensively to the advancement of reducing side farming modern technologies ideal to tropical disorders, oftentimes in partnership with medical establishments and public firms. Examples of this training activity, the Farm Calciolândia in Arcos (MG), one of the best squads in the nation Milk Gir type, picked because 1962, constantly for milk manufacturing at pasture. It was just one of the leaders and in charge of executing the progeny test Milk Gir in 1985, conducted by Embrapa Gado de Leite, with significant assistance from Laura Andrade Structure at its beginning. This program is acknowledged as a leader and one of the very best option of programs to zebu milk production worldwide.

Likewise makes selection collaborate with the type Nelore, both for cutting, as a lead-in and special means for milk production, both because 1970. Your option in Nellore court made up considering that 1993 Breeding Program of the Nellore USP, which has actually obtained acknowledged success, marked by consistency and repetition of excellent placements every shape their team.

Today chooses animals types Guzerá and Girolando for milk, Senepol, cutting and creates the crossing and option among farm animals of breeds Nellore and Milk Gir for creating selections that function as a way to produce F-1 with Dutch.

In the region of semi-arid northern Minas Gerais, where he establishes the variety of livestocks, was also associated with the seek forage turfs a lot better adjusted to the various disorders of environment and regional dirt. Made covenants with Embrapa and Epamig for intro and study of these forages and pest control.

Via the NGO that sustains, Sertãobras, Gabriel Andrade contributed 59 storage tanks to tiny farmers in the semiarid northern Minas Gerais, in the Jaíba region.